Soldering Iron And Wire

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5. Drilling - the entire process of drilling all the holes for plated through applications; a second drilling procedure is useful for holes that are not become plated through. Informative data on gap location and dimensions are within the drill file that is drawing.

6. Plating - the process of using copper plating to the pads, traces, and drilled through holes which are become plated through; boards are put in a electrically charged shower of copper.

7. 2nd Drilling - this is required whenever holes are to be drilled via a copper area but the gap is not to be plated through. Prevent this process when possible as it adds cost to the finished board.

8. Masking - the process of applying a masking that is protective, a solder mask, over the bare copper traces or higher the copper which has possessed a slim layer of solder applied; the solder mask protects against environmental harm, provides insulation, protects against solder shorts, and protects traces that run between pads.
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The dark spot is oil remaining from the cutting and forming process at the make. If this oil is left for you will burn your fitting and it'll maybe not simply take the solder.

Flux the pipe and fixtures: making use of your flux past brush each final end for the pipeline and fixtures. This can make sure a clean and joint that is tinned.

Time to solder: Whatever size your pipeline, that is how much solder you will have to use to sweat your bones together. So, if you're soldering 1" one inches copper pipe you will need one inches of solder to sweat your joints together.

Employing a torch heat your pipeline and suitable evenly. Start two inches behind the fitting and gradually heat up your pipe and suitable with a back and forth sweeping motion. Make sure your flame is close enough to cover the entire diameter associated with the pipeline.

When your flame turns green apply the solder to the hub regarding the fitting, ensuring the solder moves all the way round the hub. Wait!There is one more "Secret" move to a perfect solder joint, which means the essential difference between an amateurish glob of the mess on your own fixtures or even a professional looking solder joint every time.